Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami or not, still like this place.

Last night was interesting... we were alerted every hour with air raid sirens around the island, plus an 80 decibel loudspeaker announcement inside of our hotel suite telling us that Hawaii was under a tsunami warning, and that we were to stay in our hotel room until further notice. Then they told us to pack our bags in case of an emergency evacuation. Then they said for everyone on the 1st and 2nd floors to evacuate and go to the 3rd or higher floors of the hotel. Our suite is on the 3rd floor so we luckily got to stay put. I mostly slept through the whole thing because I guess I just didn't believe an earthquake originating in Japan would do that much damage all the way over here. Naive, but I was sleepy and I'm not much of an alarmist.

We escaped with little damage here in Maui, and not much damage around the other islands, and it was a beautiful day so we mostly just went back to what we did the days before, almost forgetting we faced a natural disaster the night before.

My thoughts are with those in Japan though, we've been watching the news and it's pretty horrifying. Makes me rethink earthquake insurance on our house!

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ET said...

I was of course also another one to sleep through the whole ordeal, although that 80 decibel alarm woke me every hour. We were extremely lucky and amazing to see more damage in some California locations than in Hawaii, but it demonstrates the difficulty in predicting where, and how much, the impact will be of these things. And it is VERY sad to see the devastation in Japan and everything that goes with it. Great to see so many people in the US donating money to help out.