Saturday, April 27, 2013

While in San Jose...

Grammie shared her Pirate's Booty with Elsa, 

sat in a big kids chair at Grammie's over lunch,

probably ate a succulent leaf,

learned from Nonnie about not eating plants,

took a bath in a laundry basket,

visited the meerkats at Happy Hollow,

drank Diet Coke,

realized she did not like Diet Coke,

 ate powdered donuts,

jumped on a staticky trampoline,

pooped behind trash cans like a hobo,

 reached for the stars with Auntie LeeAnn,

made faces at Auntie Jane's lovely albeit ginormous salad,

read "Where is Spot" probably 78 times with Nonnie,

and had a Mexican feast at Grammie's while wearing a hipster scarf bib.

Needless to say, she was very entertained and well taken care of while I was away in Miami. :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miami 2013

WHOA! A whole month has zipped by while I've ignored this blog. You all must be pissed. What has been entertaining you this whole month, if not me?? Apologies.

I always have pictures to share, but these days I've been relying on Instagram and Facebook to keep you all updated. (Btw, you can follow me on Instagram if you'd like, screen name @livmcmillan. Stalkers.) This time I have a transcontinental trip to share, which I feel warrants a blog post. Not to mention a family member's wedding!

My grandfather, mom and I flew out to Miami for a week to attend my cousin Diana's wedding and just got back. The trip out there was great... Elsa dealt well with the car drive up north, we had no problems at SFO and they even upgraded us to Economy Plus (whoop tee-doo for 5'4" me but that extra leg room made SUCH a difference for my two travel companions and their supermodel legs), and we arrived on time. The way back was much less awesome. A thunderstorm prevented us from taking off, keeping us strapped in our seats on the runway for two hours, in addition to the 6 hour flight, and then another 30 minutes of waiting once we landed for emergency personnel to board the plane and take off a woman that had a seizure mid-flight. We got home around midnight which was 3:00am to our bodies, and crashed hard. Jeff, Elsa, and I drove home to Long Beach the following day and she was less than stellar on the car ride, but at least traffic was good.

The actual traveling is never much fun anymore, especially when you throw in a cranky toddler, but the trip and wedding were lovely and it was so great to see the family. Here are some pics:

Wrinkles and Nick could sense my Mom was a kindred spirit and would cosy on right up to her. The rest of us had to work for their attention.

Breakfast most mornings was my favorite- a cortadito (sweet Cuban coffee with milk) and a guava paste filled pastelito pastry. Awesome. I'm going to miss those.

Nick bit Abuelo the last time they visited Miami, but his manners have improved. Abuelo came away unscathed this trip.

The extended family at Diana and Francisco's wedding- in our fancies. I didn't realize my posture sucked so much until I looked at these pictures. Pam East (my old dance teacher) would be horrified.

My cousin Alan and my gramps, making me feel little.

Wasn't Diana's dress gorgeous? That's what mine would have looked like too if I had her figure. My aunt's dress too was amazing, albeit a little hard to see here. Slinky and black with sheer stripes at the top and bottom. So elegant.

The first dance. Awwww....

Jeff thought Ricky was my new Miami boyfriend. I did kind of want to put him in my purse and bring him back to California with me.

Wrinkles was less of a threat to Abuelo than Nick.