Monday, March 21, 2011


We hosted Sunday Super Supper Club this weekend and went with a Japanese theme. Andy and Kim hosted last month's and did Chinese New Year, so we thought with everything happening now, Japanese food might be a nice tribute. It was a ton of fun, everyone made rolls and we ate lots. Jeff was in charge of the pictures, and didn't give me much to work with. I wish we got a picture of everyone at the table with all the rolls spread out, but oh freakin' well. I'll take the pictures next time.

I did a demo roll for the class.

We had a lot of fixins, yellowfin, salmon, teriyaki eel, tofu, spicy tuna, cucumbers, daikon, avocado, carrot, and "crab". We had leftovers.

Henry patiently waiting for sushi. Or just cucumber and Pocky.

Leftovers for lunch! And dinner...

Next time will be a cowboy theme at Karen and Mark's. Which makes sense because it's Henry's birthday party.

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