Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We're back at the Marriott Ocean Beach Resort in Maui for a wonderfully relaxing week at Sue's timeshare with the family. The weather report said a full week of solid rain but so far it's been 94% blue skies and sunshine and 6% warm tropical rain. Not too shabby. Lots of fruit salad, fresh fish (cooked for me!), sleeping, walking, and lounging. It's perfect.

Thanks Mandy and Seth for holding down the fort and taking care of the furry pukey one! Chocolate covered macadamia nuts for you. 


We Like Flowers said...

that's exactly what i was going to ask you to bring me and then forgot! yeah!!!!! Lily has been fairly well behaved, minus a few pukes.

We Like Flowers said...

looks like you're having a blast! glad the weather is good for you. i want to borrow that black skirt, btw.