Sunday, February 28, 2010

Liv cupcakes!

These are so pretty and they're named Liv! Everything at Cupcake Social is so cute, but these ones take the cake. HA!

Friday, February 26, 2010

First Daisy approval!!

The negotiator on the first loan for the Daisy house accepted our offer this morning!! It needs to now go to the second loan for approval which is a much smaller hurdle and one we don't anticipate being a problem, but they might ask for more money in which case we're selling all of Jeff's stuff so we can pay it. Then the ball moves to our court and we order our appraisal, home inspection, exchange money, and then they give us the keys and we throw a raging party!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

These quirky ceramics from Pigeon Toe Ceramics have been featured in Sunset magazine (where I first saw them) and Branch now also carries them. I wish they had them when we had our wedding registry there! I luv them. Although way better than anything I did in my high school pottery class, they sort of remind me of a few bowls I made that caved in on themselves. 

Some of the pieces sold in their Etsy shop are seconds with very minor imperfections that they offer at a discount. I almost like the ones with the flaws more anyways! The mini creamers are only $7!!

They also sell these gorgeous air plants that fit really nicely into their ceramic pieces. I love air plants, so easy to take care of too.

This one is my favorite, but I'm a sucker for anything that is sweet for an animal. This would be lovely outside the kitchen window. 

Bonus: they also sell gift certificates! These would be an awesome gift for almost anyone. Especially me. 

Friday, February 19, 2010

What an Uncommon iPhone you have...

Jill Bliss just blogged about a special 40% off discount on her designs at the Uncommon website where you can make a hard case for your iPhone with her artwork and it took me about 1.8 seconds to email her to call dibs on one of the codes. Sweet thing emailed me right back with the discount code and I went to work selecting my favorite piece (so many good ones to choose from! I went with the colors I liked the most because all of the designs are fantastic) and resizing it and ordering it! All for under $30, which is around what you would pay for one of those hard shell cases at the AT&T store that are not nearly as cool. The one that I bought from the clearance bin is starting to chip and get dirty so it was good timing. I can't wait for it to come in the mail!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy birthday Jen!!

I wish we could have been up there to celebrate with you (although it sounded like you worked the whole weekend! BAH!) but I hope you had a great one and made good wishes. I'm making you something that likely won't be as cool as whatever you buy from the Gap (btw, this, this in black, and these are awesome, it's a good thing I'm not there to go shopping with you...) but at least it won't be a gay tool belt. Happy Birthday!

xoxo, Liv

At least they're not diamonds...

I already bought a couple replacement necklaces to make up for the jewelry that was stolen in the burglary but I can't help but keep looking! There is so much gorgeous stuff out there. These are my favorites:

I hate unattainable concept products.

One more! This planter/fruit and veggie storage vessel is called Cocoon and was designed by Måns Salomonsen. I'd love a couple of these in the kitchen window. Le sigh.

Saw 'em on Design Milk.


This is just gorgeous. The coolest terrarium ever. The tiny blue planter and yellow billy balls? Argh!

By the geniuses at Litill...

Wedding quilt

Jeff and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day but we had a really sweet holiday this year. I got my favorite flowers, we went to our favorite restaurant (Pizza Paul's) with our good friends, and we partied it up at the Love Art Show in LA that Jeff and a bunch of his Art Center friends were a part of. Jana even made a unicorn cake for the show! It was amazing, and had a chocolate butterfinger filling. Soooo yummy, albeit creepy. I was horrible with my camera unfortunately but her blog will probably have a picture of it soon. Here are my flowers!

I started Jeff's Valentine's Day 2018 present this afternoon- a quilt made with our wedding fabrics! When I got my Joelle Hoverson (of Purl Soho fame) Patchwork Gifts Book, I got inspired to make a quilt because the book claims the quilt I picked is "really simple to make". I've never quilted before and Mandy gave me a "you're crazy-pants" look when I told her I wanted to make it so I was nervous to get started. I cut out the 52 pieces of the circle this afternoon out of our 10 wedding tablecloth fabrics. I need to find a good organic natural colored cotton for the front and back, but baby steps. This bad boy is going to be an undertaking and I want it to turn out well so we'll have it to cozy up with on our 50th anniversary so I'm going carefully slow.

Here are the fabrics! I'm surprised nothing was stained considering how wild our wedding guests were...

And here's the mock-up of what it should sort of look like when I'm done. I tried to get Lily Mae to sit in the middle of the circle so I could take a picture but she was under the bed, exactly in the middle so I couldn't reach her to drag her out. Of course, 5 minutes after I picked up the pieces, I come back and see this:
On her terms, as always...

San Diego Botanic Gardens

Our friends Kelsey and Jake are getting married in May at the San Diego Botanic Gardens and Mandy and I are doing their flowers! We went to the Gardens this Saturday to get an idea of what we have to work with, and the place is gorrrrgeous. Succulents and cacti and fruit trees everywhere. I snapped a bunch of pictures to help inspire Jeff and I when we start landscaping our future house.

After the Gardens we went to Jake's parent's house and saw the cutest and tiniest little neighbor chihuahua! She was adorable, I wanted to steal her.

We wrapped up our San Diego adventure with a visit to the Stone brewery which was awesome. We had some good bevvies and enjoyed the sunshine in the beer garden, it would have been perfect except Jeffy wasn't there. Guess we'll just have to go again!!

Happy birthday Seth!

It was Seth's birthday on the 8th so Mandy threw him a birthday party on Friday at their house. It was a super fun party, a lot of friends showed up, many treats were had, and we watched a bit of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Crum had a spaz attack when Jeff and I got there and tore around the house which was kind of my highlight. I love that puppy. Pictures!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sewing projects

I can't believe it took me this long to make Mary, Michael, and Nicholas' x-mas gifts, but when your sewing room is covered with home loan application papers and stacks of rejected offers, you lose the sewing zeal. I power cleaned last weekend though and got to finishing these up.

Mary got a sassy purse made with my happy IKEA fabrics (yup, same purse pattern. I really have to try something new soon):

Nicholas got a little backpack made with boy-appropriate grizzly bear fabric:

And Michael got a tool belt! As I was digging through my stacks of fabrics for these projects, I realized that almost all of my stash is of girly fabric. What could I possibly use for a manly tool belt? And then I remembered my construction worker fabric. What could be more manly than construction workers?? I also cut up an old pair of Jeff's jeans to use the denim for the rest of the tool belt. Always thinking though, I was able to salvage the top of the jeans to make cut-off shorts so now Michael will have a pair of construction shorts that match his tool belt! Jeff was again all-too-willing to model my sewing projects:

And a picture of my sewing helper: