Friday, March 25, 2011

Happenings around the homestead

The construction guys made a lot of progress on the studio today, a wall and a new window went  up!  This wall below will partition off the studio space from the storage space of the garage (the length of the garage by about 5 feet deep), where we will keep our bikes, camping gear, tools, lawnmower, etc hyper-organized. It's low enough so the garage door windows will act as transoms to bring light over the wall into the studio, and so it doesn't interfere with the garage door opener.

They also finished all the insulation and installed the new window. The drywall guy will be coming on Monday or Tuesday to wall this bad boy up.

The new window looks so much better than the old original one we had before. The old one was unbroken though so I'm keeping it for some project, or wall art for the garden later on. We had thought about expanding the window, but that would have cost a lot more to do the structural work and may have resulted in sacrificing a camellia tree which I was not okay with. Plus the light from the garage door windows and all of the artificial overhead lighting will be plenty. Less of a security issue too since it's a smaller, non-opening window.

And behind the soon-to-be studio... broccoli! Lots of it! It sprung to life with all this rain we've had. Pretty soon we'll be harvesting and roasting it!

 I have to keep posting pictures of the rainbow lights swiss chard. It's too pretty to ignore.

And last up, our new medicine cabinet. We had all our band-aids, medications, and medical supplies tossed in a box in the pantry and it was pretty disorganized. I picked up this metal lockable storage cabinet from IKEA today, painted a gray cross on it to signify it's full of serious medical stuff, went through all our items and organized it by malady. We also took down the skeleton poster and replaced it with an old wood painting of Jeff's, and moved Seth Drenner's piece to the other wall, above the light switch. I'm pleased with the outcome.


Jamie said...

Hi Liv! I'm excited to see your finished studio and how you guys will decorate (I love your style!). Good luck with all the construction!

Christy said...

Wow, what great ideas - from the storage area/low wall to add in natural light to the medicine cabinet with the gray cross. I envy the creativity you guys have!