Friday, August 31, 2007

How this whole marriage thing started...

Gather 'round children, it's time for a story. The few of you that haven't heard the story of how Jeff proposed to me are in for a treat.

The day was Wednesday, June 6th, 2007. Jeff and I had flown in to New Jersey that day and took the train in to Manhattan to meet up with the family. We were all there visiting for Jeff's solo art show at the Fuse Gallery in SoHo. Which was awesome, but is not the point of this story. You can check out the details of the art show on Jeff's personal blog: Back to me. I mean, us.

After dropping off our bags at the hotel, Jeff's parents and aunt and uncle (Dick and Linda) took us to Little Italy for dinner at probably the best Italian restaurant I've ever been. And I've been to Italy. We had a fantastically long and yummy dinner and then took the subway back to the hotel which was in the Times Square area. Jeff and I planned to continue our night after dropping the parents off and wanted to return to Little Italy but the subway gods were against us. We were stuck in Times Square and I was literally dying of thirst. Wine and lots of salty pasta will kill you. Slowly, but still. All I wanted to do was find some bar and have a cold beverage. Jeff had other plans.

So unbeknownst to me, as I'm pointing out suitable establishments that could help me quench my thirst, Jeff was evaluating each one for its appropriateness in proposition ambience. As you can imagine, none were looking too hot. So we continued searching the streets, me growing increasingly cranky because Jeff was being too picky over where we would have our first New York beer. So I thought. I voiced my crankiness to him and he said he'd promise we'd get something to drink... right after we see the NBC building! Which is right down the street! My brattiness got worse as I was led down the street to go check out some boring office building. We got to the street corner right before the building and Jeff started fidgeting. I asked if he just wanted to stand there and look at it from across the street or if we should actually cross. He responds by putting something in my hand and saying "Got you this." This is where it gets embarrassing, although we're going to go with "funny" from now on. You see, Jeff tends to do just this every once in awhile. He will pretend to hold my hand, only to deposit trash in it and will then walk away quickly so I then have to throw it away. He cracks up everytime. So this time, when he put a DIOR DIAMOND RING in my hand, I thought it was New York City street trash and compounded with my current brattiness, I threw it down on the ground and scolded him "GROSS JEFF!". He squeals and dives for it after it clinks down on the street several feet away from us and MERE INCHES FROM THE SEWER DRAIN! I'm not understanding why he's doing a little panicked dance over this piece of trash so I look at him like he's crazy and slowly back away. He tells me "You don't understand what's going on right now!" True. He has to say no more as he shows me the ring (while gripping it very tightly). And then BAM! We're engaged. :)

So how about some pictures to illustrate the story a little bit? Here is our street corner, 6th and 49th, across the street from the NBC building, and just up the street from Radio City Music Hall. Kind of a weird place to get engaged, but it was actually a quintessential New York City street corner, which made it perfect.

Here is a picture of the sewer drain the ring almost fell in:

Yikes! On to a happier picture... Jeff and I a few days later at our corner:

And lastly, for those that haven't seen me since the trip, here is a picture of the coolest engagement ring on the planet, the Dior Oui ring. Gorgeous.

Such an amazing day, trip, person, and love. I'm so lucky.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

June 14th, 2008. Be there.

We found it!! The site we have chosen to take our vows in and then party until we get kicked out is the Los Altos History Museum in the Bay Area. Gorgeous. You'll love it. Take a looksie:

This is the house that was built in 1905. In front of it is a big brick courtyard lined with benches, old streetlights, the arbor where the ceremony will be, and the gallery where we'll put the dance floor.

This is the view of the gallery. Those glass doors open to the courtyard so they flow together into one big party space.

These beautiful huge trees are all over the property, and are already wired with pretty twinkly lights. Score!

This is another view of the brick courtyard.

They have these cute little benches all over the place tucked into the nooks and crannies of nature. Perfect little make-out benches. Bring some Altoids.

This is where the bartender will go. He gets his own courtyard on the side of the house.

So what do y'all think? Good choice? Love it? Hate it? If you hate it by the way, you're not getting an invitation.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Off to San Jose!

Jeff and I will be heading up north late tonight for the weekend to spend some time with our families and to check out the church (the one my parents got married in! From what I remember it's pretty 70's "modern", I'll post pics when I have them) and we'll try to book a reception site to make this thing official. Wish us luck!

And advance apologies if we can't see our Bay Area friends when we're up there! It's going to be a hectic three days but we'll be back again soon! I'm thinking we'll at least do Katie Blooms on Friday night... call us if you can meet up!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just kidding... please don't bring your own beer. Beer and other refreshments will be provided. You will get saved though, that part I wasn't joking about.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Brohans

Hey guys,
I wanted to introduce my friends to ya'll. These are the people who sculpted me into what i am today, I don't know, but you do. These are important people, so pay attention and you will learn more about them.

To start off first, this Jake Rose, Archbishop Mitty high school friend, master of mind tricks, super articulation and world traveler, ask him anything and he'll tell you something about it.

Next, enter Jeff Cristina, Archbishop Mitty high school friend aswell. Dare devil, educator and invincible to everything on God's great earth except bananas.

Next in line, Chris Sanchez. Archbishop Mitty high school friend too. Yes, another great Catholic. Master crafts include staying up all night to conquer impossible video games and having the toughest car on the block. Oh and also Disneyland parking lot enthusiast, that's where this picture is.

Next up, Jan Trondsen. Art Center Friend, Brother of the Bride, car designer, yellow over worked eyes, big hair and fellow art center alumni. Jan introduced me to Liv as his dad's wife. Later i found out that was not true.

Finally, my Best Man Mike Castrogiovanni, St. Lucy's Grade School Friend, Yes another amazing great Catholic. Mike is someone that I've know since the ripe age of 5. It's been down hill ever since, but I wouldn't have it any other way. A true living inspiration to me in every way possible. He might as well been a brother to me because I was tortured like one through grade and high school.

It's a honor and a pleasure to introduce my half of the wedding party
Jake, Jeff, Chris, Jan, and Mike

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Meet the family!

Until we all get together for the big party and you get to meet in person, here are some pictures of our family and friends that mean the world to us (just a few of them, Jeff and I will post more pictures of everyone soon):

Starting with the 'rents, these are Jeff's wonderful parents, Sue and Scott.
Here are my parents, Eilif and Diana, on their honeymoon back when men's hairstyles all looked that way. I have more recent photos but this is my favorite and they really do still look like that!

These are pictures of Jen and Jan, our similarly named siblings. Jen's going to be in my bridal party and will be looking just like this (but in chocolate brown probably)! She's completely awesome. I have better pictures of Jan, but I'm working off a memory stick remotely so you'll have to wait for a better picture.

This is my little girl and Jeff's soon-to-be stepdaughter. Look how much she loves him already! She's "special needs".

These our our mates-of-honor! My best friend from San Jose, Matthew (that's my other great friend Max in between us), and Jeff's best friend from San Jose, Mike. Mike could probably take Matthew, look at those muscles! Although Matthew is quick and has cat-like reflexes... Good thing there won't be any fighting at our wedding! Non-choreographed fighting at least.

Here are my other girls! From left there is Brooke, (Me- Vegas makes Liv sleepy), Mandy, and Jen who will be joining Matthew and my future sister-in-law Jen up on the altar with us. Brooke was my old roommate in Costa Mesa and was the best roommie I ever had. She lives in Jersey now! Mandy is so wonderful and President of our Craft Club (guess who's helping with the wedding dress sewing, invitation making, and flower arranging!?), Co-President of our Social Activism Club, and VP of our Recipe Club. Mandy and I are big on clubs. And Jen! One of my bestest friends from San Jose, I love her to bits. She keeps life exciting, doesn't she look like that type? Jen sends me wedding inspiration pictures and is picking out my wedding colors using Pantone swatches. Designers... gotta love 'em.

That's it for now because I have to go to work, but more will posted soon of the boys and the rest of our totally awesome friends and family. Bye!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

look at us! we have a wed-blog!

Hi family and friends!

Jeff and I decided to start a blog because we're hip with the times and everyone is doing it. And because we're getting married! There's a couple of details usually involved with these "wedding events" so we want everyone in the loop and anyone who is interested to check in with us every once in awhile to see my martha stewart weddings inspiration picture postings and jeff's posts about how my martha stewart pictures are stressing him out. IT'S MY WEDDING I DO WHAT I WANT! Just kidding Jeff! I love you.

More to post soon!