Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We got a prezzie in the mail this week! It was so exciting to get the first Tiny Tots box! My amazing neighbors Lisa and Mark from my San Jose neighborhood gifted us with the rad Ergo Baby Carrier, one of the most useful pieces of baby gear EVER. You can wear it in front or as a backpack, or even on your hip. So versatile! And it can go from newborn to toddler which is nice. We got it in gray so that Jeff will feel manly in it. It's super padded and lightweight, and has special wicking properties so baby and baby carrier stay cool.

I wanted to try it out right away so I grabbed the closest thing I have to a baby, Lily Mae, and stuck her in. I think she actually liked it! She wasn't squirming or trying to get out at all, and seemed comfy tucked into it. Kitty tested, mother approved. THANKS MARK AND LISA!!


Henry Miller said...

We tried our carrier out on banjo. A 45 pound dog did not fit quite as easily.

We Like Flowers said...

you better put that thing up high so she doesn't seek it out and puke on it! i'm sure she's biding her time for some payback. :)

ET said...

It looks like a GREAT gift, Liv, and I remember using a similar--but, of course, not nearly as nice and modern design--contraption MANY years ago with YOU in it (but actually needed it much more with Jan as he was a much more "challenging" baby...) We are celebrating Lisa's BD tonight so I will bring my laptop and show her your blog and picture and I am sure they will be very pleased to see that you like it.