Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sewing times are here again!

I just got the call from the repair shop that my sewing machine was able to be fixed and for less than what I thought too so yay! I'll pick her up tomorrow and I'm already scheming my first baby projects. I found these two vintage fabrics on Etsy from the whimsiedots shop and I'm excited to use them.

This vintage flat sheet with daisies will get a second life as hopefully two fitted crib sheets if it's big enough:

Sweet print, huh? I've gotten fabrics from whimsiedots before and her fabrics are always in great condition, super clean, and from a smoke-free home so I think it will be just fine to repurpose into baby sheets.

This second fabric sealed the deal for me. It's swiss dot cotton with red and blue patterned kitties and scottie dogs on it!! I love swiss dot anything, and the floral pattern on the cats and the gingham pattern on the dogs is just awesome.

Not sure yet what I'll make out of this one... maybe a blanket or a curtain for the bedroom door window (it used to be an exterior door, hence the window). I have to see how thin the fabric is first but it was too cute to pass up. Plus vintage = cheap so even better.

Oh yeah, the beautiful Jill Bliss fabric is a few inches too short width-wise to easily make the sheets so that will be used for something else. A dress or something else that's awesome.

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