Thursday, March 10, 2011

I like this place.

This is the view from our hotel suite. Same view as on our honeymoon, just one floor lower! We got the handicapped unit which actually works out great because all of the countertops hit just below my belly, and we have walk-in showers!

Lunch in Lahaina, sooooo good. Fresh Hake caught that morning, blackened and served over a whole-wheat pesto linguine. Perfection.

We drove down to Wailea yesterday and this was the view from Polo Beach. I wish we were there earlier or later, just not at 12:30 with searing sun rays beating down on us. My jeggings were a bad choice of clothing for the trip. 

PENGUINS! IN MAUI!! At the Hyatt. And before you can be sad for the penguins, apparently most penguins are not cold weather Antarctica penguins, but are happy little clams in warm weather. Look how happy this one is pooping on his hot rock. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, How are you all doing? We are concerned and would like to have some news if possible. Papi is OK, he is going to Kaiser to have the blood test done. They expect the waves around ll:00 something and thats when he says he should be back from Kaiser. We are praying, May God keep you safe.