Monday, November 24, 2008

Our weekend

We're coming home soon! My brother Jan scored us a sweet Honda Odyssey to caravan Jeff and I, and Mandy and Seth up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. Cross you fingers for us getting good traffic and no rain for the drive!

Jeff and I had a fun weekend... I had Friday off so I crafted and made Sue a pillow! It's made with felt made out of recycled plastic bottles, and filled with a bamboo pillow. Eco-friendly! Here is a close-up:

Mandy, Jana, Matt and I went to the LA flower mart on Saturday morning to get ideas for Matt and Jana's wedding next October. I bought pretty roses.

Then Jeff and I drove down to Fallbrook to visit our good friends Matt and Joie and their baby Gillian. They took us to an amazing sushi dinner and then we rocked out to Rock Band. I learned that Jeff is a terrible singer, and I have no drumming rhythm. Go figure.

Then yesterday was Jeff's Open House at the Art Center. This is the third time he has taught the Comic Book class at the Art Center for kids, and again, it was an awesome show. The kids collaborated on this huge mural AND each did their own individual comic books. This is our friend Sue with Jeff. She helped Jeff teach the class.

After the class, we were invited over to an Art Center professor's house for a glass of wine. His son Milo was in Jeff's art class, and when we got to their amazing house in Altadena, Milo introduced us to their pets: a 21 year old tarantula, a rat, a sweet yellow lab named Zeba, and a sphynx cat! The sphynx is the granddaughter of Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Power's movie! For reals! They have to oil her every night to keep her moisturized. I wanted to put her in my purse and take her home with me. Jeff said no. :(

We're looking forward to being in San Jose and SF for the holiday! Give us a call if you can meet up with us!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nola and Libby!

A few weeks ago two little kittens showed up to our doorstep and melted our hearts. They looked abandoned and not spayed so we knew we'd have to take them in and do something with them. They were the sweetest and most affectionate little monkeys we've met and had a pretty tough time deciding what to do with them. Jeff immediately wanted to keep them, but after thinking it through and realizing our kitty Lily Mae would not be thrilled with the idea, and the responsibility that more cats than humans in a house entails, we felt that we had to find them another home. They love each other so much though and we were afraid a shelter would split them up, but then our friend Erika put us in touch with her friends from Santa Barbara who just so happened to be in the market for a pair of totally awesome kittens. Jesse and Leia braved the smoky roads and made the trip down yesterday and instantly fell in love with the kitties. We in turn fell in love with them over dinner, and we're thrilled to bits that the kittens found such good and loving new parents. Time for pictures!!

Erika, Mandy, and the kitten formally known as Meezer/Vanessa (now Nola):

Seth and the kitten formally known as Fluffer (now Libby):

Being rascally:

New parents Jesse and Leia, going home with the furballs:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty amazing day. Jeff and I have very similar political views and feelings so we were both ecstatic that Barack Obama was elected to be our 44th President of the United States. We were also thrilled that Prop 2 passed but heartbroken that Prop 8 did as well. I think Prop 8 is the definition of unjust and cruel discrimination and I had hoped we were advanced enough to never let that pass. It made me sad that it even made it to the ballot. Hopefully the fight to bring this issue to the Supreme Court will force people to think more about their own civil rights and what it would be like to be denied them, and to allow themselves to be more tolerant.

On a more exciting note, free Obamabats! It's a free font of dingbats which you can get here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rawk the vote!

I hope you all did your patriotic duty today... Team Obama!

Happy Halloweeeeener!

Because Halloween was FINALLY not on a school night, Jeff and I decided to get crazy this year. Jeffy went as Steve Martin (his idol) and I dressed up as an evil garden gnome. We looked silly.

Mandy and Seth classed it up and went as The Gettysburg Address and Abe Lincoln. They made their costumes too! Well, Mandy made their costumes. Seth made his beard I guess.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun one! I'm going to go work on my cavities now by eating another pound of smarties.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeffy!

I've so neglected our poor little blog... I'd like to say it's because I'm sooo busy attending parties and social events but mostly it's just work that's being the master time suck. But I have a bunch of pictures and things to say so get ready for some major posting! 

On October 23rd this year, Jeffy turned the big 3-1. We celebrated him turning old at Pizza Paul's with a bunch of good friends and then went down to the Upright Citizen's Brigade for a midnight comedy show. It just so happened to be the dirtiest comedy show in LA and we saw a lot of things we probably shouldn't have. The night gave us lots of pizza, beer, fruity pebble cupcakes, nutsacks, and good times. Here's Jeff opening some of his presents: 
Max surprised Jeff and flew in for the weekend! He deserved two beers for doing that.
Here's the whole group at a sushi bar later in the night. This was our pit-stop before the dirrrty comedy show.
Matt and Jana!
These are our new friends Jerod and Karen! Jerod is a new addition to my work group and he and his wifey live in Long Beach too so now we carpool to work! They are completely awesome, and it was so great getting to jump them into our gang.
Max and Erika having a tender moment.
If Jeff ever posted on this blog, I know he would say thank you to all of his rad family and friends for making his birthday a happy one. Mine's next! November 26th!