Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RVCA/Pac Sun commercial

Jeff's going to be on TV!! He was asked to be in a commercial for Pac Sun and RVCA doing a live painting while Leo Romero (Skater of the Year named by Thrasher, and oddly enough, our neighbor- found out he lives a few streets away!) did awesome skate tricks in front of it. I would guess. I wasn't there because I was at my office job in Irvine. Not in Venice in the sunshine shooting a commercial. Sigh.

Here are some pictures of the hoopla, and the painting Jeff did:

Pictures courtesy of Matt Barlow of RVCA. The commercial is going to run on MTV (and during the VMAs!), Comedy Central, and some other big networks for a month apparently. Jeff said they'd let us know the schedule of when they're set to air so we'll be on the lookout!

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ET said...

Finally, someone famous in the family. About time,,:-) Congrat, Jeff. Much deserved, of course. Of course, Jan got a chance to model some cloths one time, and almost got in a TV show, to demonstrate a cool skateboarding tech, but the things was rigged and they did not make it. Let us know when we can see it up here in the Bay Area.