Thursday, March 3, 2011

oliver + s

Oooh... I want that. Liesel Gibson made this book that just got released and it looks so cute (found on the Purl Bee blog). She also did a line of fabrics with Spoonflower so that you can buy the same fabrics that are shown in the book (which is really awesome, there have been many a times when I want a fabric I see in a book and it's outdated and unavailable and a level 3 tantrum ensues). Plus Spoonflower is great because you can choose the type of fabric for the specific print, like organic cotton sateen or knit, voile, silk, linen-cotton, or upholstery weight twill. 

These are some of the patterns from the book, pulled from Liesel's blog, that I would totally want to make for the peanut at some point in her childhood.

I'd make a matching artist smock for Jeff. I love this little girl's bowl cut. She looks super Norwegian.

Animal ear bonnets? Yes, sign my child up.

When I was young my dad built me an actual play house in our backyard, with real windows and roof tiles, and planter boxes. The works. I loved it, and hope the family of raccoons now living in also treasure it. Unless my dad feels like coming down and building another, our kid will get something like this. Which isn't a bad 2nd place. I love the idea of putting a little table and chairs in a closet or a nook hiding behind this fabric dollhouse facade as a little hideaway for her to play.   

Can you tell I'm getting really antsy to start sewing again?

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Nikki Menda said...

I just told Ryan the other day that my poor kids will always have hoodies or bonnets or anything with animal ears on it, because they MAKE ME MELT!!