Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have I mentioned I love Groupon?

So I've been procrastinating terribly on putting our Scandinavian Adventure pictures into a photo book (electronically of course, I'm totally not a scrapbooker) and my dad reminds me about it just about every time I talk to him.

Yesterday morning's Groupon got me off my ass though and I whipped this puppy out (see album in post below). Fist pump! It was a groupon for Shutterfly, only $10 for a 20 page 8 x 8" hardcover photo album!! That's a savings of $20! It's supposed to be an additional $1 per page, but somehow my 33 page album ended up costing only $10.40! Tax and shipping brought it to just under 20 bucks. A deal and a half.

And on top of that, I got an email from Groupon this morning saying that if someone I referred to Groupon purchases a groupon within the next few days, I get $20 Groupon bucks in my account to spend! So of course, I signed Jeff up and bought the Shutterfly groupon with his account, giving ME the extra $20! Making the photo album essentially free! Sort of free. I still had to pay $19.67 for the album, but I now have $20 to put towards yet another amazing Groupon deal. I'm pretty pleased with myself. I'm a bargain hunter.

So talking up Groupon this much makes you want to join now, doesn't it? If so, do me a solid and join by clicking on this referral link to set up your account. If you do, I get $10 for the first Groupon that you purchase!

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Henry Miller said...

I purchased one, and made my mom do the same. I should have mark do it too.