Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yeah this is fair...

Jeff is at Disneyland with Elsa while I'm working on research protocol submissions to our IRB in the office. Someone got himself an annual pass for his birthday but I don't begrudge him that one bit. He's a good nanny and deserves it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Jeff declared it TMDUP today (Tuesday Morning Dress Up Party) and got into my craft supplies...

The baby being cute...

These noise canceling headphones were a gift from Jill and Warren. So awesome! Now we can rock out like we used to. Jan said it looked like Elsa was having a double stroke here. Sad.

She's such a mouth breather! She falls asleep with her pacifier in and then it falls out and her mouth stays like this. It's sweet.

This was taken just after I told her how many diapers she goes through in a day. She too was shocked and befuddled.

Babies sleep in the weirdest positions. That can't be comfortable...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Fall boots!

Hello score! These boots were only $26 at Old Navy with their 25% off promotion going on right now on top of their sale price of $35. Pretty dang cheap for a pair of boots! I saw them in the store and liked them and the online reviews are really good too. They're faux leather which I appreciate and I like the minimal hardware detailing. And the gray color is just what I was looking for. I already have a pair of black leather flat boots (which always prompts my boss to ask if I rode my horse to work that day) so these will be another good option for rainy and cold days.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Hipstamatic shots

Because they make me happy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Zara for babies

Be still my heart. Zara now has baby clothes and they are so dang fashion forward, I'm dying. Again, I want these all in my size. Too pricey for baby clothes (for us at least) but good inspiration for when I start making Elsa some fashions!

I love piping details, and anything corduroy.

The shoes are awesome. Those leopard print maryjanes above would be favorites and the hi-tops below are too cute.

Corduroy leggings!! Say no more.

The leather pockets on this jacket are so sophisticated! And if it's one thing a three month old's jacket should be, it's sophisticated.

The dresses are making me hyperventilate. I want to cancel all plans for this weekend and call in sick to work next week so I can figure out how to make all of these.

The wavy collar? I die.

Okay no. Just no. It's not right for Elsa to be that much cooler than me with her fashion. Cuter? Sure. I'll give her that. But cooler? No.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The end of the fourth trimester

Elsa is three months old today! And is down to only 8 hours a day in her harness. Yay! One more month and it's gone for good. She celebrated with her Bigfoot booties:

And with her monkey in the swing:

Nathan called this the Siamese recharging station. Love it.

Stuff on my baby!

Happy baby!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Elsa's announcement

I wish we could have sent these to everyone, but stamps add up! Between thank you cards, these announcements, and the upcoming Christmas card season, I'm getting a little overwhelmed with mailings. I need to get Jeff in on all this, or teach Elsa to address envelopes. Still though, I love my paper products and it was fun making these. I think I'm going to use Tiny Prints for our Christmas cards (these announcements were through Shutterfly) because they have awesome looking cards and I have a bunch of $35 off coupon codes that I can apply towards them. (Let me know if you need one and I'll send you the code- the sweet girl at the Baby Gap gave me a whole stack of them!)

Friday, October 7, 2011

The babies love it!

He's here!! Kevin* the Elephant is now a part of our family, thanks to some very generous friends and family up in San Jose (thank you Dianes D. and C., Judy, Aunt Ida, Richard & Linda, Chris, and Grammie!!). Elsa and Jude obviously love it and beg to ride him all the time. Okay, maybe not yet, but eventually I'm sure. Until then, he's waiting for Henry to come over and rock and is a pretty nursery fixture. Kevin* looks like the Eames elephant that I also of course wanted but reasoned it was more for me than the baby (which this guy certainly isn't since I can't ride him). We purchased Kevin* from Ecobold, a rad website specializing in wares that are earth friendly, and he was the last one left and priced at a significant discount from what Amazon was selling him for. It was meant to be. 

Thanks again everyone for making my Elsa's wishes come true!

*He is named Kevin until Elsa is old enough to choose a name herself. Because it's her elephant. I guess. 

Thanks Steve Jobs and Jerod!

*pic from Design Mom

We pre-ordered our iPhone 4S's this morning and sold our old 3GS's on this morning (they gave us $121 for each of them!!) and I. CAN'T. WAIT! I use my iPhone so much now, between work, taking pictures and video of Elsa, and entertaining myself during the hours and hours I spend nursing a baby, that I really do need something zippier and with more functionality. So thank you Steve Jobs for making Apple all that it amazingly is, and Jerod for telling us about Gazelle and saving us some monies! Now I can buy this:

I'm going to make a pattern with my name on it and then make my mom embroider it. Cool!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Um, these are adorable.

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't want them in my size. I guess they're cuter on a 3 month old than a 31 year old though. And only $5.94! Deal! Elsa better get her butt down to Old Navy!

San Jose Part 2

Party at Sue's! A ton of family and friends came through to meet the munchkin, and I'm happy to say that she was so well behaved for it! It was a long day and we flew out late that night, getting home to our boys around 11:30. It was a great weekend, but oy, babies tagging along on adventures requires a lot of thought and planning.

Pappy giving her a bottle. She made him sweaty with all her baby heat.

She looks so little in Richard's lap!

My mom's top is almost upstaging the baby here. It was really pretty. I'm jealous.

Monica the baby whisperer. We dropped Elsa off with Monica for an hour so we could pound a few beers in the backyard.

Hilary and Jack gave us that awesome wood toy rattle atom thing I'm holding. The bonds squish and flex, it's really neat. I threw away the box so it would fit in our luggage and I forgot who made it and the name of it!

A minute after I handed Elsa off to Linda, Jim swooped in and stole her! This is Linda's sad face:

And this is Jim's happy face:

Presents! I swear, it was like the baby shower all over. We were also gifted some money ear marked for a special something that I ordered yesterday. I'll share when it arrives!

Great-aunty Jane and Elsa:

And while we were up in San Jo playing with the baby, Uncle Jan was at our house taking care of the boys. We were nervous leaving the social butterflies alone for three days but we didn't have to twist Jan's arm too hard to get him to catsit. I think the boys liked him. Thanks Jan!