Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Erika!

This past weekend we finally got the chance to use about 68% of our wedding gifts with a lovely little dinner party and sleepover and brunch in honor of our good friend Erika's birthday. We were wavering between a "Soul Night" theme and "Paella Party" so birthday girl made the decision. Paella it was! Here are some pictures of the fun night (and photo credits to Mr. Seth Haak who took most of these pictures. Jeff was also in charge of photography but didn't do so hot. So thanks Mandy and Seth!!)
The birthday girl!

Erikal made the sangria, AND transported it all the way from LA without spilling in her car!

Mandy made this salad, it was deeelish!

Our two paellas, one with seafood and one without so we wouldn't kill Gina.

I made this beehive bundt cake and lavender honey ice cream. Not too shabby if I say so myself!

We ended the night with a rousing game of Cranium, boys vs. girls. They totally beat us. This was the best part of the game, Matt trying to hum and whistle "Like a Virgin". Even though Seth was obviously concentrating, the boys failed to guess it. Point scored for the girls...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Everyone needs a Wii

We threw Sue a Dancing with the Stars surprise 60th birthday party on August 9th up in San Jose, and we pulled it off! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that came out for the party (we had over 75 guests!!) and brought goodies and made it into the special day we hoped it would be. Everyone had a great time, especially those brave enough to play the Dancing with the Stars game on the Wii that Jeff Cristina generously donated to the party. I wish you could have seen Sue dance... OH WAIT! YOU CAN! WE HAVE VIDEO!!

Finally! Pictures of our house!

I'm sorry these took me so long to get up here... we've been madmen trying to get unpacked and settled all while throwing Sue a surprise 60th birthday party in San Jose, a paella dinner party for Erika's birthday at the house, Jeff painting like crazy for his solo show in September, and me working nutso long days on my new 4 day/10hrs a day workweek schedule. Life has been hectic, but oh so good. We're happy, healthy, and really starting to enjoy settled down married life. Without further ado, our new house!

Click here to see our house pictures!