Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy 33rd Jiff-Jerf!

As promised, here are some pictures from Jeff's 33rd rock n' roll birthday party we threw him (thanks to Mandy's blog and Jana's Facebook page!). A little costume explanation: Jeff is Angus Young from AC/DC, Seth is David Bowie a la Ziggy Stardust era, Mandy is Siouxie Sioux, I'm a kitty (with Peter Criss from KISS face makeup), Jerod was Brandon Flowers from The Killers, and everyone else was awesome 80's/ early 90's rockers. THANK YOU to everyone that came and gold stars to those that dressed up! Jerf loved his party. :)

And Jan sadly didn't get to wear his costume for this party because of a overly packed social calendar that day (he came as an Emo Kid instead), but he did send me this picture last night of him at the Gasser. Classic. A little less attention paid to us as kids growing up Mom and Dad, and this might have been Jan today (not in costume)...

Friday, October 29, 2010

I can now die happy. In my Danish Modern teak bed.

My mom once said "Teak is an endangered wood because of your father!" Being a descendant of his Scandinavian blood, I too am drawn to the Danish Modern design. These were the pieces that I was dreaming of, and scored this week for a deal and a half! We also sold our old bed within a day of posting on Craigslist which made the price even better.

Check it out! I love the seller and his "TA-DA!" pictures. Part of the reason I bought it.

TA-DA! Isn't it gorgeous? I had wanted a platform bed especially because of the kitty. I was originally of the mindset that kitty should have a place to hide and feel protected and under the bed was good for that. In practice, not so great. She throws up under there, hides from us when we need to give her medication or take her to the emergency vet for butt surgery, and it's  where her fur and dust collect and kick up to aggravate Jeff's allergies. I think this is a better choice for all three of us. She still has the closet at least.

And look how cool! Hidden storage drawers for extra linens! TA-DA!

The attached nightstands kill me. I love them. I especially love that little pull out shelf for the late night apertif. Or water. Whatever.

And bonus of all bonuses: it comes with a 6 drawer dresser and mirror! This is quality stuff too. Dovetail joints and solid wood. Niiiiice. The bedroom set came from the guest room at an estate sale where the seller said it had barely been touched since it was originally purchased. This will be Jeff's dresser, because the one that I already have will fit in nicely with these pieces, and his old dresser (the one he's had forever since he was a munchkin!) will be repurposed into storage for his studio supplies until baby comes along and it goes in a nursery.

I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow and set it all up in the room! By the way, last pieces of furniture for a very long time. I love everything else we own. This bed will last us forever. Swears it on my heart.

Rx for a happy life

These Jonathan Adler menagerie ceramic pieces are awesome. I want them all. Jeff will collect Be@rbricks and I shall collect ceramic animals. I'll start with the greyhound: 

The giraffe lamp would be so cute for a nursery!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


These are so badass. If I didn't love my Rx Ray Bans so and had $161 to kick around, The Lucia's would be mine.

Monday, October 25, 2010

New graffiti

It wouldn't be a party for Jeff without a little paint thrown up on the fence... here are the additions from Saturday night:

My favorite of course. Matt was inspired by our Siamese cat calendar in the kitchen and is an homage to our sick little girl. I love the gold aura around her!

I think Chris brought these stencils... It cracks me up that Richard Pryor and Hulk Hogan are on our backyard fence.

Jerod brought over his roy g. biv assortment of spray paints so the backyard is now tasting the rainbow. Or throwing up the rainbow in this monchichi's case.

Poor orange got caught in the crossfire.

I'm going to move my pot o' gold swiss chard to be over here at the end of the rainbow. HA!

More birthday party pictures (and awesome costumes) to be posted soon! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Linus the Lemon Tree

I forgot to post a picture of our cute new little lemon tree! I've named him Linus. He's a meyer lemon tree and he's pretty squat right now but the nursery promised he would grow to a good size. We're hoping his canopy will be just over the fence line for a little privacy from the neighbors. He came with a few lemons on him but they look like limes right now so I'll just have to be patient until they get yellow and I can make my lemon bars.

Our next project is going to be this huge dirt patch where the geraniums/weeds used to be. Maybe next weekend.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chipmunk Cheeks

I can't believe I haven't posted my love of Katie Vernon's work yet. So gorgeous. I found her again while browsing through Sarah Winward's website. She's a crazy good floral designer in Salt Lake City and I love poring over her work. Her business card and website logo were drawn by Katie and I'm insanely jealous of it and wish it were ours. I love ours too but this one is so lovely. See:

 Here are two other pieces from Katie's illustration portfolio:

And these gems are available as prints in her Etsy shop, Chipmunk Cheeks:

These cards are perfect for Jeff. He should write all of his correspondence on them. They're called "Saucy Bigfoot." Yes indeed.

Oh by the way...

Have I mentioned lately that my husband is rad to the Nth degree? His new website is up and it's fabulous. And not flash! You can look at it on your iPad mom!

Check it out here: 

I think Crum and Chloe need these.

I wish I could put one of these cowls on Lily Mae instead of the stupid cone of shame to keep her from licking her wound. I don't think this Etsy seller makes them in cat sizes anyways. The second picture looks just like Jen's dog!

One more reason why I need to learn how to knit...

Dream bike

Our birthday monies will probably go towards LM's butt bill this year so my dream bike will have to be put on hold (and maybe Jeffy's birthday Be@rbrick too...). It's a good thing she's worth it because this bike is pretty sweet. For the sake of dreaming, let's build it.

We start with a Linus bike Dutchi 1 frame in Ivory. Oooh...

Then we pimp it out with some accessories. First, the basil rear bottle basket. Two in this color please!

They hang off the rear luggage rack which I will also need of course. Grocery storage taken care of, I need a little purse to carry my chapstick, monies, and band-aids. Enter the pouch.

You're jealous of my bike right now, huh? It gets better. Last addition- cork grips. Sasssssy.

So I probably couldn't afford this bike anyways (that totals up to about $650 plus tax, yikes!), even if LM's butt was normal. A girl can virtually dream...