Monday, May 3, 2010

Wishlist May 2010

Pendants are on my mind, now that the dining room is *almost* done. This one is sleekly modern and sufficiently cool I think, plus it's only $69 at Home Depot!
If wallpaper wasn't prohibitively expensive, I'd be obsessed. And this ostrich paper, shown in Lonny magazine, would be in my sewing room. With those curtains.
These ceramics by Arms&Crafts at Supermarket tickle me pink. They are so creepy! But cute at the same time. And they're not crazy expensive. $68 for this vase I think is a good deal.

Those ceramics remind me of this baby hand soaps. Creepy cute. I'm going to keep posting these until someone gets them for me as a housewarming gift. By Plastic Foliage
I would have sworn these platform wedges were by Kate Spade, with the stripes and height, but nooooo. At Oak NYC. Good thing they're no longer available in my size...
The Westfalia VW camper bus. In exactly these colors. Oh the places we would go...

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ET said...

This is one I know Jan would LOVE to would I. But, what happens when/if you have a front-to-front crash in one of these?? Hate to think about it but not much protection in this kind of VW bus. Great for a small town, with little traffic but NOT for LA freeways, esp they way people drive (i.e. FAST) down there.