Friday, May 7, 2010

Maybe Sunday...?

Our bedroom has been ignored since we moved in for several reasons. It's a large area to paint (it's right now the same green as the living room), Lily Mae has set up camp in it, and it's become a little bit of a dumping ground for odds and ends we don't know where to put. We (I) knew we (I) wanted to paint the room, and so we didn't bother hanging our floating night stands or any pictures/art and so the room feels really bare and messy. Next weekend is going to be crazy (but fun) with Kelsey and Jake's wedding (and all of the flowers Mandy and I are arranging for it!), and then the weekend after that Sue is coming to visit! I would love for her to see the room nice and somewhat finished so I'll probably beg Jeff to help me paint it this Sunday.

I got in the mail the other day a welcome packet from Pottery Barn welcoming us to the neighborhood (even though the closest Pottery Barn is in Orange County!) that included a coupon for two free pint sized samples of their Benjamin Moore paint colors (normally $10 each), and then my Sunset magazine this month came with a coupon for two of the little Benjamin Moore paint samples (normally $5 each). Sweet! I picked out 4 colors I liked and we painted some swatches and decided on "Nightingale", a warm taupey gray. It matches Lily's fur beautifully. :) I'm going to get it in their Aura line, which is the no-VOC, high quality paint. I loved Mythic, but the closest place that sells it is in Atwater Village which is too far. Aura is a good alternative.

I'm normally too cheap (and impulsive) to bother with buying samples and painting swatches on the walls to see in all hours of daylight and nighttime to pick a winner, but with these coupons I was happy to try it out. 

Here are the colors I picked out which are of course really hard to see in a picture. The Santorini blue I thought would be more gray and was too blue for all of the walls, the Robin's nest is gorgeous but a little too bright for a big space that we want cozy and warm, Constellation is a super pale glimmery silverish which was my #2 choice, and Nightingale was just right. I hope.

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