Monday, May 31, 2010

Roger's Gardens

As part of our shopping excursion on Saturday, Mandy and I went on a field trip to Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach. It's awesome there. Even if the big containers of fire sticks were $70. Dang it! I bought a $4 mini version at Home Depot and we're just hoping it will grow into the $70 size quickly.

Here are some pictures of what we saw:

Their succulent arrangements were really impressive. And expensive.
Check out the dinner plate dahlias! That's Mandy's hand for size comparison. Crazy huge!
I really want one or five of these vertical succulent arrangements. I think they'd look awesome hanging on the house walls in the back yard. They were $200 each though, which is why I plan on begging Jen to make one for us instead. :)

I bought a bunch of seed packets, and a couple mini greenhouses to start the seedlings in (ran out of potty pots with the basil). I started these Baker Creek white bush scallop squashes but then read on the packet that they're supposed to be planted 3 feet apart, which means I could get like four of them in my whole 4x8' bed. But I have like 30 other seed packets I also want to plant in the bed. Not sure what I'm going to do about that... might have to call in an expert...
I was such a sucker for the big pretty Franchi seed packets. Look at those beans! Aren't they gorgeous? I can't wait to plant those.
I also finished my composter yesterday. Jeffy  helped and drilled the holes for me. We had a BBQ that night and we used my disposable and compostable biodegradable plates and serving ware which we then tossed in the composter when we were done. They're made from sugar cane fiber. Neat!
We also revamped the front yard this weekend. Pictures of that coming soon!

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Nikki Menda said...

I love the compostable & biodegradable plates & composter! Yay environment! :)