Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The backyard and garden

I'm slowly getting ready for my gardening adventures. I need to seriously weed the plot behind the garage where my raised beds will go, start my potty pot seedlings that Adriana showed us how to make, go to the free Home Depot workshop next Thursday with Mandy and Jerod to watch how they build raised beds, build my composter (I'm doing it the cheap way after seeing THIS on the Young House Love blog, and realizing how stupidly expensive the tumbling composters are), and get my garden on! 

I want fancy Sneeboer tools for my new garden. Pretty posh though for digging through dirt and compost. I'll probably just settle for some Home Depot ones on sale.
I wrote this before my awesome brother surprised me this weekend with THESE beauties:
Totally me. Thanks Jan! They're from the Alice Supply Co. I know you don't need cute garden tools to get the job done, but it sure does make the job a lot more pleasant! They have other patterns too, but Jan hit the nail on the head with these ones. So nautically lovely. I'm going to ask for the matching hose for my birthday. 

I also really want this river rock fire bowl for the backyard. Clean burning and safe! And Jeff and Jerod don't have to build it, just haul it to the right spot. Dang Restoration Hardware has nice stuff! We decided together that Jeff building a fire pit might be dangerous, so we're going to buy a fire pit and then Jeff is going to build the brick seating to encircle it.

These 100% recycled materials Adirondack loveseats are kick-ass too and would be so nice to lounge in. They have colorful ones at Home Depot that are cute and WAY cheaper (like $16 each I think) but I somehow doubt they too are 100% recycled in materials. Ah well. We'll probably just sit on blankets on our grass.

And check out our sweet BBQ!!

It was a housewarming gift from Sue and Grammie, and we got to go to BBQ Galore and choose whatever grill we wanted. Jeff was adamant on a charcoal grill with no knobs or doohickeys that could break, and I really wanted something with a table attached to it, so we decided on the Weber Platinum. Fancy! We also got a cover for it to keep it nice when not in use. Can't wait to fire this baby up! Thanks so much Sue and Grammie!!

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