Monday, May 17, 2010

Closer... CLOSER!!

I was pretty pleased with myself over the pink bedroom curtains. I was saving that pinkish red linen for a perfect project and when I noticed how perfectly it matched my balsa wood cheetah, it filled me with butterflies and rainbows. But with the gray walls that sometimes look lavender, the bedroom is looking a little girly. Luckily Jeff doesn't care, but in the interest of balance, I started looking for some masculine bedding to butch up the room.

Hellllloooo Target! Thomas O'Brien's menswear line of bedding is perfect. It's done in suiting fabrics but they're really soft and the look is just what I wanted. Here's a picture of the collection:

And a close-up of the pillow sham:

And then to tie it all in with the room frill, I'm going to sew a bolster pillow in the cream linen from the tops of the curtains with buttons covered in the pink linen. Adorable! Here's my pillow inspiration pic:

And Mom, learn how to crochet giant so you can make me these poufs. Thanks!

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