Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bonita's Nursery

Next on our Daisy wish list is to fill in some of the dirt holes the gardeners left for us after pulling out our ugly plants, so Jeff and I went to a nursery close to us across the river to check out some options. It was a neat place. There were mama chickens and their babies everywhere! A couple roosters too, and a guard doberman. We saw a bunch of cool plants that we wanted, but we're going to map out the yard, take some measurements, and get appropriate plants, and probably do it all in one day. Here are some that we liked:

I've never seen kangaroo's paw in this purplish pink color. Yes please.
I don't know what this one is called but it's a California native and it's everywhere in Long Beach. We had it at the old house and really liked it. The purple flowers are velvety soft.
Mandy and Seth! This one is perfect for you guys. It's a deep purplish-black with specks of bright green on the leaves! It has sharp tips though, watch out.
I want all of their little succulents. I'd love to make a vertical garden out of them but that would be pretty expensive. Maybe when our succulents start sprouting babies we can do it.
We'll put in a few of those big purple-green succulent trees, we both like them. Kind of Dr. Seussy.
I wanted to take home this little apple tree, but he was like $90. Look how many apples it has though!
Here are the little babies following the mama into the shed. I wanted to catch and pet one but was afraid the mama would peck out my eyeballs. Or worse, this guy:

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