Friday, May 28, 2010

This is what I do in my spare time

I geek out with my garden book. I didn't like the cover of the garden book organizer that Jen gave me, so I glued on a magazine photo of a cute boy with a chicken. He kind of looks like Jeff so I don't think Jeff will be jealous.
I also do stuff like this. Draw up perfect grids with a ruler and plan out my plants according to season and symbiotic plant relationships. It calms me.
I made my collection of empty toilet paper rolls into potty pots today. I like the idea of reusing something that was going to get thrown out, and I like that you can grow a seedling in them and plant them straight into the ground, and I like that they were free, but I still want one of those greenhouse trays with the seedling starters kits. I think they look cool.

Here's how they're made. You squash the empty roll in half and crease it, then fold it the opposite way and crease again, making it square shaped instead of circular.
Cut about an inch and a half into each crease on the bottom and fold in the squares to make the bottom.
They don't really sit up straight which bothers Type A Liv, but Mellow Liv let it slide today.
I planted them with genovese basil seeds (using an organic seed starter mix) and put them all in a shoebox which I'll cover later with plastic wrap, and put that on a plastic box lid for leakage, and placed it on the windowsill above my desk. This room gets super warm and sunny for most of the day, and pretty much IS a greenhouse.
I hope they start growing! I want a shit ton of basil. I love me some pesto!

I went to the Home Depot to get some supplies and found these beauties, which are getting planted out in front tomorrow. Yay!

These guys are called "Calico Kitten". Of course I bought them.

Dusty Miller! I love these plants. Color, velvetiness, everything. I can't wait to get everything planted with my cool new planting tools!

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