Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pottok Prints

Let the dining room transformation begin!! Jeff came home yesterday with 12 rolls of our new wallpaper and 2 quarts of a gorgeous dark purple paint. I peed myself, I was so excited. We went big for this room, as it's our only real splurge for the house. We had put money aside to buy appliances for our future house since a lot of the short sales we had looked at came with none, or really awful ones, and Daisy came with all! Even the washing machine and dryer! We were not too keen on the orange sherbet paint the dining room has now, and we were dying to wallpaper something. Considering how much we love our dining table and having dinner parties, it made sense to us to splurge on that room. 

The wallpaper we chose was the "Dead Trees" print by Geoff McFetridge of Pottok Prints after serious consideration of the "Shadows of the Paranormal" print, and that dinosaur wallpaper from Walnut. Because of the repeat length of the wallpaper, it's cost, and our chair rail molding, we decided to paint the lower half of the room a complementary but darker purple. We used Mythic paint again, but chose the Grappa color from Benjamin Moore's line. Jeff and I are going to paint the bottom half plus that little lip of wall that continues into the ceiling space today, and our wallpaperer comes bright and early on Tuesday to install the wallpaper for us. This was NOT a DIY job. The pattern is crazy and really difficult to match up. The wallpaperer we got though has worked with Geoff's papers before and had great references so he's a pro and we're happy to hand off the job to him. 

Here are a couple more shots of the wallpaper we chose in other people's rooms. It's such a fun print. It's this little village of people and animals moving around dead trees. There are little squirrels, a mariachi band, and lots of other fun details that you only notice when you look closely. We're enchanted by it.

Geoff gave Jeff several really nice big swatches of their other wallpapers. The yeti wallpaper looks black in this photo but it's actually a really nice charcoal gray. We still fancy it for the bathroom, but if we decide to do that, it will be much later when Jeff gets another print sold out thanks to rabid Linkin Park fans.
I'll post pictures after the painting stage is done! By the way, if anyone knows of an awesome pendant light or chandelier for this space that's under $100, let me know. :)

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