Monday, May 31, 2010

I smell fantastic.

My kai perfume oil is on it's last rolls, and I felt like switching things up a bit. I'm picky (of course) about my scents and tend towards the fruity and softly floral. My nose is bothered by the stronger spicier perfumes. Mandy and I went shopping on Saturday to Anthropologie and when I saw the packaging for this Mor Cosmetics perfume, I said a quick prayer to myself that the scent was equally lovely because I wanted this bottle. It's perfect! It's from their Nordica collection, and is a white glass bottle with a wood cap and a little wooden Dala horse decorated in a white doily! I had a mini aneurysm when I saw it. It smells DELICIOUS. And it looks awesome on my vanity... because THAT'S important.

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