Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 5 years!

In celebration of our 5 year dating anniversary today, Jeff and I took our bikes on a Long Beach adventure. We took the bike path that is close to our house and runs along the LA river which goes all the way down to the ocean and wraps around to the boardwalk, about 5 miles from our house. It was a perfect day for the ride and I was expecting it to be a lot harder. It took us probably only 20 minutes to get down there and I was barely sweating at the end of it so it's a pretty easy ride. It's a lot higher up than the road and river so you can look down either side into the riverbanks and people's backyards while riding along it. The port is down at the end and is kind of neat to look at too.

Kodak moment by the Queen Mary.

Even though my dad told him not to, Jeff still made fun of my helmet. Jeff's head pretty much IS a helmet (I have the MRI images to back me up) so he feels he doesn't need to wear one.
The Port of Long Beach in the background.
I break out into cheerleader jumps when I'm hyper.
We had lunch at Number Nine and it was deelish. This Duchy's originals English Ale was pretty dang good, and complimented our Vietnamese food well.
I love this sandwich. It's seared and seasoned tofu on a baguette with pickled radish and carrots and jalepenos, minus the yicky mayo they normally put on them, and plus the clear dipping sauce to the right that normally is dumped over the bun noodles. A side of crispy shrimp chips, and it equals perfection.
Jeff really enjoys his cold bun noodles. He also got the seared tofu with an egg roll.

Tonight we get to BBQ and pop open the Veuve de Clicquot Jake and Jenny got us for a housewarming gift and enjoy the beautiful evening in the backyard. Good times.

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