Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 new bird restaurants

I have been waiting for over a year to hang this bird feeder up. It was a wedding gift from the lovely Natalia and Korin and I was waiting for a perfect place to hang it up. It's ceramic with a leather cord to knot around a tree branch and it's made by one of my favorite ceramicists, Perch! I filled it up with the quality bird seed that attracts the singing birds. It's hung right outside our kitchen window but you can see it from the den, Lily Mae's new room. She better appreciate all the entertainment I'm drawing for her.

Suet is SO nasty. As a vegetarian, I'm a little against buying beef tallow with seeds in it, even if it's for the birds. I didn't realize until I got home though that that's what suet is. I naively thought it was vegetable oil based. Oh well. Enjoy the 3-pack while it lasts birds.
This better not turn into restaurant #3 for the birds... I planted the little tomato seeding (named "The Mortgage Lifter" appropriately) Adriana of Anarchy in the Garden gave me at the class last weekend. It's new home is in one of the terracotta pots we got also as a wedding present (weddings are so awesome) from Alex and Akiko and Mrs. Barnett (my 3rd grade teacher). Love them! The other pot is going to be home to a carnation plant Mandy and Seth gave us as a housewarming gift as soon as I buy more organic potting soil.
Jeff's slaving away at the purple painting... pictures soon!!

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Diana said...

I knew what suet is! It may also be the same stuff in mince meat pie, which I hate anyway. Suet is a byproduct of cow killing so it's thrown out mostly so I don't think it's awful to give it to birds for their nutrition. Maybe I don't quite know what I'm talking about...
The wallpaper is so much fun,if a little "schizophrenic" looking (correct spelling?) The color is so unusual too--ask Jeff if that color is called "puce"--My synesthetic brain demands to know! Anyway, you two have fun, quirky taste!