Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Houseguests = good food

I love having houseguests. We always eat well and indulge. We had Sue visiting this weekend to check out the new digs and we had such a nice and relaxing time. She brought me trash magazines so I'm all caught up now on the Hollywood gossip. Speidi is CUH-RAZY!!

We had our dear family friends over for dinner on Saturday which fed us for the next three days as well. Pete, his daughter Nicole, her husband Ben, and their freakin' cute kid Henry made us a fantastic dinner. Roasted eggplant and roma tomatoes pasta with a crusty bread, Italian-style broccoli, salad, and lots of dessert. Pete and Nicole did the cooking while Jeff and Ben drank beer, and Sue and I played with Henry. He was so energetic, and it made me realize how many breakable chotchkies I have (he didn't break anything. Mom Nicole's first order of business as soon as she stepped inside was to sweep through and move everything within his arm's reach. HA!). I'm just going to have to straight-jacket our baby because I'm not moving all my cute stuff while he or she learns coordination and respect for the cat figurine collection.

On Sue's last night, she treated us to a lovely dinner at the King fish house in downtown Long Beach. It was super good. We'll have to take my dad there sometime because Jeff said the cioppino was excellent. Doesn't he look dashing in the bib?

Thanks for visiting Sue! We miss you already...

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