Monday, April 25, 2011


I don't know how I forgot to share this earlier since I was super excited to finally get it done, but we have a new bathroom light fixture!! Yes, these are the things I get excited over. It was only $10 for the fixture from Home Depot and about $12 for the CFL lightbulbs, so it's not the one I was lusting over but it did save us about $200 so that's awesome. And the CFL's are crazy bright so it's like we have a giant skylight and a super sunny day in there. So bright that I had to turn off the light to take the picture because all you'd see was a light akin to what you'd find heading towards the pearly gates.



Jeff is finishing up organizing everything in his new studio today, so maybe I'll have pictures to post later this evening. For now, here is the almost blank (and dirty) slate for the nursery:

First up- clean. It took two full charges of the Swiffer Vac to take care of all the dust bunnies (no wonder Jeff has allergies...) but I still have to steam mop the room and wash the windows. Then I'll be putting on the privacy film on the window (it looks right onto the neighbors driveway unfortunately, but I don't want to always have the curtains drawn because it gets so dark otherwise). The gold doorknobs make me cringe every time I go in there so those (plus the two other sets of doorknobs in the house) will get swapped out with polished nickel ones sometime soon.

Then when Jeff's up to it, we'll paint the walls and tackle the dresser, sanding and repainting it. But first, paint swatches need to go up and studied in all hours of the day. I must find the perfect Daiquiri Ice paint color... (that link does the actual color of daiquiri ice no justice. It is NOT green.) Stay tuned.


Nikki Menda said...

I love me some daiquiri ice from 31 Flavors! :)

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