Monday, April 11, 2011

The landscaping never ends...

Most of my back pain came from these stupid planters we did this weekend. It was my own dumb fault, leaning over a big bag of soil and scooping for 20 minutes. Oh Liv... Anyways, at least they're done, they've been on the to-do list for awhile now. Not because I've been putting them off really, but because those stupid coconut fiber liners are impossible to find in our 22" manger-style baskets' size. We worked around it by using two which I know doesn't look great, but we planted them with drooping succulents that will hopefully grow over the edges and cover most of the jacked up fiber baskets.

We (Jeff) also weeded the whole area around Linus the lemon tree (who is slowly growing his leaves back), put down weed blocker fabric, and mulched the crap out of the area in the hopes of preventing the weed re-growth. It's kind of a weird landscaping decision, with that chunk of ice plants between the brick patio and the mulched section but oh well. It's easy to maintain at least and put the focus back on poor Linus.

The front yard is looking great though. The fire sticks are turning red from their new place in the sun and the dusty millers are thriving with the additional sprinkler water they're now getting ever since we took out those huge spiky plants.

A bunch of our succulents are also sprouting these flower shoots which are neat.

Next up outdoor-wise, we need to repaint the gate which is starting to rust (another painted mural! Calling all artists!!) and replant our vegetable garden with spring veggies. Good thing my dad is visiting next weekend... he likes to garden. :)

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