Saturday, January 8, 2011

Details, details...

Okay, that light fixture in the bathroom has to go. I don't really like the sconce in our bedroom above our closet either, so that'd also be nice to replace. Why stop there!? The one in the hallway also doesn't really go with the house, and the ones in the kitchen are boring. We're probably not going to be able to replace everything at once, but at least if I have a plan I can do it in baby steps.

In order of priority, bathroom comes first. I did a lot of online hunting and realized, there are a whole lot of bad bathroom light fixtures out there. I want something modern and unique, and bathroom friendly. Barn Light Electric is the coolest. It's the only place I found that had several choices that I liked. The top runner though is this one:

I love the cages, but the black I think is too strong for our pink/wood/yellows/orange bathroom. Maybe not though. I'm going to have to sleep on it. I also like it in "vanilla cream" but maybe that's boring. Either way, frosted glass for sure. 

The one in the bedroom is a little tricky... it needs to complement the Anzfer Farms sconces by our bed, and the milk glass lamp on the dresser which are two pretty different styles. I think the solution is to go with clean lines and keep it simple. I bought one from IKEA recently ($12!) that I think will be lovely. I'll post that swap out when Mike the Electrician comes to do the studio.

After the lighting gets taken care of, next on my wish list will be matching doorknobs throughout the house. I found these on this blog and fell in love. A little pricey but at least we don't have too many to replace (6) so I'll start saving up (or sell one of Jeff's Be@rbricks).

 It's all in the details!

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Diana said...

That door knob looks exactly like our new door's, but didn't you say it was difficult to open? I'm used to it now and don't mind it. We have little hands, so try them out before you buy. It shouldn't be disappointing that you were not picked to be on TV, since the reason is that you both knew answers that other people didn't. You wouldn't make the Leno show either. It's so much funnier to be dumb! Sad...