Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Imagination Takes Flight

Jeff's piece titled "Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings" is now up on display at the Long Beach Museum of Art for their month-long show "Where Imagination Takes Flight", which will end May 22nd with a live auction of many of the pieces. Jeff's painting is the show piece that they're using for all of the show's promotion, which is an honor, and we're excited to see what it will get in the auction. Fingers crossed, baby needs an educational savings account!

Here are some snapshots I took on the opening day (from my iPhone, ding-a-ling Liv forgot her camera). I couldn't edit any out, the detail shots are so pretty!

The museum is also making notecard sets of Jeff's piece so if you love it but don't want to throw down G's for it, let us know and we can pick you up some notecard sets. Proceeds benefit the museum so it'd be for a good cause!


Diana said...

It would be a shame to sell such a beautiful piece, but I guess that's the point, huh?
I'd like a set of cards, since I still love to send snail mail--they must be lovely...

ET said...

I think Jeff's piece is GREAT. Wish I had megabucks so I could bid on it and hang it in our living room--but it deserves a more grand place.

I am sure it will fetch a very nice price. How could it not?

Sue Blanchard said...

inSANEly gorgeous!!!