Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wee wee pads

On my mom's suggestion, I made up some wee wee pads today. For those not in the know, apparently babies pee on you. A lot. Which frankly, I think is rude. You give them life and you're feeding them, and they pee on you?? Pssh. So anyways, I guess you're supposed to put these waterproof wee wee pads on your lap while you're nursing because the baby is just going to piss all over you. I'm not quite sure why you need them when the baby is wearing diapers, but I guess that's something you figure out once you're a mom. Anyways, here they are:

I made them from the same fabrics as those baskets I just made. Tablecloth vinyl on one side, soft green cotton on the other, topstitched with hot pink thread. I also decided to recover my ironing board. The fabric that it was covered in before was looking pretty haggard so I recovered it with some of my oodles of IKEA gingham (now on sale, sadly because it's being discontinued!!).

And also a few pictures of those hooded towels I made to match the washcloths I posted awhile ago. I finished them the night after the washcloths but I didn't have Lily Mae to model them anymore (tear) so I had to wait until my other model was ready.

Hopefully the baby's head will fit a little better in the hood than Jeff's. Please God let her have a smaller head than her father.


Sue Blanchard said...

first of all, those pads are to pretty to pee on! secondly, your baby looks just like jeff...uncanny! she's going to need a wax on that 'stache tho....

Kayteedids Couture said...

Don't nurse a naked baby! And don't carry a naked baby across the room without a covering on their bum (such as a towel or your cute wee wee pads!)...pee is easy to clean...#2 is not so easy. I learned that lesson once but fortunately it was over hardwood floors. Still not fun to clean up. Nursing babies don't have hard poop...just so you know. ;)