Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free labor!

For the price of an 18-pack of Coors Light and a few pizzas and a bbq dinner, we got a ton of work done on the house! My dad and brother were ready to roll up their sleeves on Saturday morning and everyone busted butt to get projects around the house done.

We (and I used this term loosely, I couldn't help much) sanded and stained our outdoor dining set, built the shelving units for the storage part of the garage/studio, moved the metal storage cabinet, hung a tool pegboard, organized the tools/paints/garden supplies etc, pulled weeds, and scraped and sanded the rust off the gate and painted over it with a rust preventer paint. Phew! It was a lot of things checked off the to-do list this weekend and I am so pleased. We moved all the crap out of my sewing room too so I got that room back! Next weekend we'll clear out the soon-to-be nursery. 

Look how terrible the gate looked! It doesn't look too much better right now because the rust preventer paint is a rust color (nice) and we had to let it cure 24 hours before we can paint it back to white. So no after photo yet.

The studio looks so clean and nice, and is freshly painted. Kind of a funny view out the window... We'll move Jeff into it next weekend after the floors are cleaned up and the last bits are taken care of.

My dad was way too eager to do the yard work. He had a ball pulling all the weeds on the side of the house.

I want to hang the old garage window on this wall but I'm not really sure how to. I need to figure that out. We mulched the area below it and planted a couple of grape tomato plants.

Jeff found a ton of black and brown widows under the table and he sprayed the crap out of them. Hopefully they stay away. At least the table and chairs aren't all splintery anymore!

The neighbors had a garage sale and we got their croquet set! My dad bought it for us and set it up. We're going to get a tournament going pretty soon.

Ta-da!! Here is the garage section of the garage/studio mostly set up and organized. The pegboard of organized tools makes me happy.

That metal cabinet is so cool, and it came with the house!

And here we are relaxing on the croquet court after a hard day of work. Everyone was stinky. And look Sue! We love the picnic blanket!

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