Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heather Ross- Far Far Away III

I love this new collection by Heather Ross for Kokka fabrics, especially in this pink colorway. It won't be in stores until June, otherwise I'd pick some up right now for some nursery projects. Loves it. Found via True Up.

While on the nursery topic, I changed my mind on the Womb Chair color. I had it ordered in an ivory wool boucle because that was my favorite of the limited palette I was offered, but a few days before the chair was available for pick-up, Alex at Modern Chair posted on his blog that their manufacturer just gave them 30 new colors to choose from in the boucle fabric! He so kindly let me re-order a new chair because he said selling the ivory one I ordered would be no problem. I went to see the swatches in person yesterday and decided right away on the light oatmeal color (#31 on the swatches posted here). I think it will be perfect in the nursery and in the living room where it will one day reside, plus a little more forgiving stain and dirt-wise than the pure ivory. I decided against the gray which I thought I wanted, this one just seems more classy. I can't wait to get it and snuggle up in it! Here's what it will look like:

It won't arrive until the end of June though (cutting it close!), so it's kind of sad that I don't get it right now, but I think in the long run I'll be much happier with this color. It's been a dream of mine for awhile now to own a womb chair so I want to make sure it's perfect!

*By the way, for those who didn't see the earlier post about the womb chair, I ordered a much less expensive reproduction of the authentic Womb. I'm not paying $4000 for a chair. Jeff would freak.

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