Sunday, February 19, 2012

Welcome to Hollywood!! Whas yo dream!?

Remember that time that Jeff and I went to Norway? And went fishing on a little island off the coast of Grimstad? No? Go here. We stayed with the Folkman's and one of their sons came to visit us this weekend! Lars is just about the nicest 17 year old on the planet. So smart, polite, worldly... he's pretty great. We've liked having him around this weekend, and took him to check out Hollywood yesterday. It was a freak show as usual, and just what he wanted to see. Good times!

Gotta take a picture in front of the Hollywood sign...

By Kodak theater, where they were setting up for the Oscars... Elsa was probably looking at the Michael Jackson impersonator there. 

Same shot, but with Jeff swapped in. We are worthless when it comes to taking pictures. I'm the only that thinks to memorex the occasion and now all I think about is the baby. And funnel cakes. But mostly the baby.

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