Monday, February 20, 2012

Her first tooth!

Can you see it?? Elsa's first tooth broke the surface today!! It's barely perceptible but it's there all right. I can feel it when she jams my finger into her mouth and chomps down. I wonder how long before it will really pop up... Another week maybe?


ET said...

Looks like she should be in bed already..:-) She looks soooo sleepy, poor baby. And great to see her first tooth. Assume others will soon follow.

Bianca Jackson said...

Awww... Look at that tiny chomper. Yeah, it will pop out in a week or some more days. It's such a nice feeling to see our babies grow right before our eyes.

Lonnie Frandsen said...

It’s been seven months since you posted Elsa’s picture. I’m pretty sure that at this moment her tooth has completely popped out. Well, I just hope that when your child gets older, she will regularly brush her teeth and will not be afraid to visit her dentist. But with or without a tooth, I can say that your Little Elsa is absolutely cute!!