Monday, February 27, 2012


This seventh month of my baby Elsa's life has been pretty monumental. She's turning into a little big girl in front of our eyes. She is now sleeping at the low mattress setting in her crib (1) because she can now sit up on her own for about 20 seconds without falling over (2), we ditched the car seat/stroller combination and now have her strapped in to the stroller seat (3), she can hold up her bottle to her mouth on her own (4), she got her first tooth (5), and last night, she slept through the ENTIRE night for the first time (6)! We didn't have to get up once to give her back her lost pacifier, or change her diaper, and she slept from 7pm to 6:30! It was kind of amazing. I stuffed her cloth diaper with an extra gCloth insert for added absorbency and it totally worked. No more overnight disposables for us!

It's exciting and overwhelming and we're trying to keep up. I'm recording all of this in her baby book (and here of course) because I know in another month she'll be on to new milestones and I'll forget all about these ones. A written record with photographic evidence is a must.


Anonymous said...

i saw your post on apartment therapy (but i need to go back & read all the stuff written on the post. love your craft room. was wondering what do you do for a living? i'm currently looking for some vendors (limited spots left) that would be interested on participating our church's women's event, called "raising hope"-march 31st/9a-1p at torrance's doubletree hotel. let me know. thanks.

Liv said...

Thanks for your comment! I don't do anything crafty professionally, just for fun. I work at a University doing psychiatric brain imaging research as my office/home office job. Good luck with your event!

Jacci said...

Aw, Elsa is a little sweetheart :) My youngest is 6 months, and yes - it's amazing how much change happens so quickly each month! Congrats on getting some sleep! That's big.