Friday, February 10, 2012

New freepak on the Hipstamatic

Yay! I love Hipstamatic updates to the app, especially when they're free. This one is just a new case and lens, but I likey. It's called "Made in America". AMERICUH!!

Fuzzy edges. This is a little felt case I whipped up for my Kindle. $82 Kate Spade? I don't think so. Try free. I got fancy with my stitching down the middle. I might make 18 more of these. A matching Kindle case for every outfit! Obnoxious.

My boys. Napping so sweetly together. Speaking of napping sweetly... Elsa took TWO naps today that were over 90 minutes long EACH!! That's a total record for her, one we could get used to...

Some more of my dad's backyard updates. A cute new curly hose, purple flower ground cover and a new arbor for the bougainvillea plant he got for us on his last visit. We also hung up the wood wind chimes Jen got us. They sound so pretty, and the baby loves them. 

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