Friday, February 17, 2012

Nursery tour is live!

Elsa's nursery tour is up now on the Apartment Therapy site! Check it out here. Thanks Bethany!


Kara Gehret said...

I loved the tour. So sweet!! Did you replace the original hardware on the changing table. If so, where are those amazing handles from?!

Liv said...

Thanks Kara! The handles came from Anthropologie a few years back. I saw them in the sale section and snapped them up even though I didn't have anything at the time to put them on. It was totally luck that they fit this dresser perfectly and that I had 6! They don't have them anymore, but they do have these which are similar!

Jacci said...

This is the wall color that inspired my girls :) I couldn't find your color, but in our home SW "Buoyant Blue" looks pretty much the same as your room looks on my monitor. It's so pretty here... hope it turns out half as well in their bedroom!