Saturday, February 4, 2012


My pops came down to visit us this weekend, and in true Eilif fashion, we have a whole new backyard! He so far has spent equal amounts of time loving on Elsa and weeding our backyard. So good to have him here... 

Jeff has become quite the pizza maker recently. He's perfected the homemade pizza, and drives the cats crazy with the anchovy tins. Pretty damn good.

Elsa can sit up! Sort of. When seat belted in to a bouncer, but we're getting there!

Andy and Kim took us on a tour of San Pedro and we went rolling around the Port. It was perfect weather for it. Her face cracks me up in this one:

Dad being a dork. Dancing to "Tequila" playing on the wharf.

Jen gave us this creepy tree face and we finally put it up on our bottlebrush tree. It'll scare away any would-be burglars.

My dad looked at our fence and said "I'm going to paint that." And we said "HAVE AT IT."

 Before on the left, after on the right.

So clean!

Dad and Jeff went crazy on the lilies on the side of the house. I think he cut himself here.

Taking a break and relaxing with the baby.

Today was a lot of work, but tomorrow will be a whole lotta relaxing. And celebrating the Superb Owl.

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erin said...

superb owl. genius. love it. stealing it and giving you credit of course. haha!