Sunday, February 19, 2012

Natalia's baby shower

We went to a rock star's baby shower at another rock star's house in Malibu today... you know, no big whoop. I've kind of loved Bad Religion ever since my big brother told me Salt n' Peppa was lame and punk rock was cool, so it's kind of special that I got to go to Jay Bentley's baby shower. And not to mention our good friend Natalia who is carrying Jay's baby is an amazing and famous artist. And of course, I barely got any pictures. D'oh!!

Here are a few of some punk rock gold pleather and leopard print fur bibs and burp cloths I made them though:

I should have used my regular camera for these instead of Hipstamatic. That blue flannel on the burp cloth is actually a beautiful peacock teal, with hot pink topstitching.

Jana made the awesome vegan cake and cupcakes. Sooo good!

The baby was a little peach for most of the party, and made it seem to all the guests that babies are fantastic and super fun to have hanging off of you. She went to the dark side about two hours in and we had to leave, but still, two hours is pretty good.

I wish you could see her little denim dress here. It was super cute with little rolled sleeves and side ties. From Polarn O. Pyret. Love them.

So fun to see our friends celebrating babies. Fun in the 'Bu.

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