Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Safety first!

A few well-intentioned commenters on Elsa's nursery tour mentioned (demanded) that her mattress should be dropped ASAP for fear that the baby would flip herself out of the crib at the height we had it. I sort of pish-poshed the idea at first because Elsa can barely sit on her own, let alone pull herself up to a seated position, but those comments got into my head! I was sleeping soundly last night when Jeff came in from the studio and dropped something heavy in the kitchen. I swore it was the baby flinging herself onto the floor and bolted out of bed and into her room. She was fine, but guess who got a crib modification today!?

She approves, but my back isn't thrilled.

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ET said...

GREAT timing, Liv. This was indeed one of the topics discussed by your mother and me on our afternoon walk today. Must have been ESP, because neither of us had seen your new blog post, BUT your mother saw the blog comments you referred to. So we were both very happy to see that you have now dropped the mattress. And the additional benefit is this will now strengthen your back...:-)