Saturday, February 25, 2012

Petit Collage baby book

I don't think I ever posted about Elsa's baby book here, but it really does deserve a post. I found this one when I was pregnant and looking for the perfect baby book. There are SO many bad ones out there. Okay, maybe not bad, but boring or expensive. A baby's first book is so special and I wanted something perfect that would encourage me to fill it out and make into an heirloom for Elsa to keep always.

So this one by Petit Collage that I bought is perfect. The book is sweetly illustrated, has just enough sections to fill out (and not too many- I'm not the type to want to write down my dreams for the baby in her book) and places to put pictures, PLUS it comes in a beautiful magnetic closure box with a drawer and glassine envelopes to store keepsakes. You'd think something like this would be over $100 because it's beautiful and baby-related so they know they can jack up the price and emotional pregnant ladies will buy it. But no! The retail price is $50 but you can get it here on Amazon for $31.50! Such a steal.

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Cynthia said...

I have this baby book too for my son. I want to pick up another one because a good baby book is definitely hard to come by. I also LOVE the drawer with the envelopes.