Monday, February 27, 2012

Last one, I swear.

Check me out here!

Photo again by our bestie, Bethany Nauert.


Jacci said...

Hi, Liv :) I just wanted to tell you that your studio tour on AT (and Elsa's room in the background) led to the wall color we're painting on our daughters' bedroom walls this week. We hadn't been able to find a happy middle ground between the two girls' personalities when it came to wall color, but the aqua/white/gray/pop of yellow scheme appealed to them both. So, thanks!

Liv said...

That's so sweet Jacci, thanks so much for the comments! I'm glad Elsa helped to find a happy colorful middle ground for your girls! We love the color scheme too. Not too girly, but that aqua color is beautiful paired with pinks!