Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's a good thing Jeff doesn't read my blog, because this post might make him mad. I really want to paint our living room. I know that actually means that I really want Jeff to paint our living room, which is probably why he's vehemently against the idea. I get it. It's a big room and I have weak unhelpful arms. The khaki green currently in the room chosen by the previous owners just doesn't do it for me though. I think it looks muddy and boring with the other strong neutral players in the room (the natural stone fireplace, the white trim, the honey wood floors, white ceiling) and it doesn't let our art pop on the walls. It's a ho-hum color.

I wasn't sure what color I would want to paint the room though if Jeff magically one day said "I really feel like painting a big room". I feel like I should be prepared for that day and pick a color, just in case. So it's always in the back of my mind when I see all the pretty pictures out there in internet-land. This week I found it. Emily (from Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV) posted about her new house which isn't styled yet, but the rooms are painted. She painted their guest room Aegean Teal and BOOM. That was it.

This next one isn't Aegean Teal, but Plumage from the Martha Stewart Line, which I saw on Young House Love. Really saturated and pretty. A little too dark for our living room though, but I still really like it. Teal is IN!

This is a little test shot from the Benjamin Moore website, which I think gives a good little hint at what it might look like in our living room, with the white trim, yellow curtains, wood floors, and brown sofa.

The teal would look SO GOOD against the light neutrals, beautiful with our maize colored curtains, moody with our chocolate brown sofa, and just perfect with all our art in that room. How awesome would our Andrew Brandou painting look against that color!?

I think it fits in nicely too with the other colors we have going on in our house. It won't be cave-like because the room is big and gets a ton of natural light when the curtains are open, plus it has the white ceiling to lighten it up. I'm sold and I want it. Bad.

But I can't have it. So now I'll cry and pout. 


Jacci said...

You know, this won't help your art situation, but another option is to get a killer rug in a strong color or pattern to break up the ho-hum. I know you have aqua elsewhere...


Much faster than paint, but a little harder on the wallet.

Enjoying browsing through your blog :)

Jacci said...

the aqua is farther down the page

Liv said...

Good suggestion, and one I'd probably take if I weren't so cheap, and if I hadn't finally worn Jeff down! He agreed to let me paint. :) On the condition that my dad flies down to help me and Jeff gets to go to San Diego for the weekend while we do it. Deal! That rug is awesome though. Good find!