Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cloud 9

These new "price sensitive" fabrics from Cloud 9 come out in the spring and summer this year and the wheels are spinning with what I want to make from them. They are so gorgeous, and organic! Win!

This one will be perfect for a replacement purse for my mom so she can toss the old one I made her that's getting a little too "loved". 

These next two are perfect for crib sheets:

I love the idea of these cut and sew fabrics to make plushies from. The lion and fox are so great.

I love these blue herons up close but not so much far away when you can't see what they are. This would have to go on a small project for my taste.

I think scallops are so feminine, especially in these Valentine colors. This would make a perfect little A-line dress for Elsie.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes....Ma needs a new purse and she loves that first print...