Monday, May 30, 2011

Amigurumi awesomeness

These are the stuffed animals I want for Elsa's room. I love handmade crocheted animals and I'm hoping this post encourages my very talented crochet-inclined mother to make one for her granddaughter. Or buy me one of these from Etsy:

Lion, from MrFunky on Etsy. She made Milo, my gray and yellow amigurumi cat that Jeff gave to me when he proposed. The cat has a little crocheted purse around her where he was going to tuck my engagement ring into which in hindsight would probably have been much better than slipping it into my hand while walking down a random street in NYC at night saying "gotyouthis." Needless to say, I love that cat so so much. Too much to bequeath it to my daughter so I need to get her her own amigurumi. I love this lion. This monkey is also totally rad:

And yes Mom, they are safe for kids because she puts washers on the backs of the eyes and nose so they can't be pulled off and choked on.

A less budget-friendly amigurumi that I felt in love with on Etsy comes from LazyMuse. You'd think that I would want the Siamese cat heads doll, but honestly, it's a little creepy. And I love this ballerina bunny too much instead:

She also sells a pattern for making the crocheted cat/octopus which is kind of amazing. Mom- make it!

And lastly, these aren't amigurumis, but they are awesome knit dolls from Blabla which I think are the bee's knees. The cat rattle and Pierre the Bunny are my favorites:

Sigh. Too much cuteness in this internet world...

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