Friday, May 20, 2011

All kids should have a collection of overalls, right?

Jeff and I love overalls on kids, and I'm kind of becoming an Etsy-thrifting pro at finding awesome ones. These are my recent acquisitions from littlereadervintage, which has SO much great stuff, at really cheap prices. Those deck shoes kill me. If Brian Kesling ever has a baby boy, I'm going to hunt these things down and buy them for him.


I realize Elsa will be too little for overalls for awhile, but a nice little stockpile is something she (I) can look forward to, encouraging her to learn to walk a little sooner.

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Henry Miller said...

I wish you luck with overalls. I thought I would love them, but in practice I was not a fan. They are adorable. You can always throw them on for pictures.